About Us

Welcome to PuraMedBioScience™

This site has been developed as a means to provide consumers and potential investors the necessary information to make informed decisions regarding the nature and efficacy of our products, our Marketing Strategies and the structure of our company.

Our Mission

PuraMed BioScience, Inc is in the OTC (Over-The-Counter) medicine marketplace by employing direct to consumer marketing and applying broad retail distribution and effective marketing to several unique products now developed and known to be effective. The company is launching its first retail product and leverages that success to ultimately become a leader in the OTC medicine marketplace.

About the Company

PuraMed was established to capture two unique opportunities. The first is to build a substantial and profitable business, rapidly, beginning with three products developed by its founders: LipiGesic® M (for acute relief of migraine headaches), LipiGesic® H(for acute relief of tension headaches) and PuraMed™ PM (for insomnia). Each of these is effective and addresses a very large OTC consumer market, collectively well over $2 billion in the U.S. Each product will be unique in its class.

The second, longer term, opportunity is to establish a leadership position in the highly fragmented OTC natural and alternative health remedy market by introducing a “new kind of product line.” Our product line will consist of ‘alternative’ remedies for common ailments, marketed to the masses. Most consumers want products that are, first of all, effective and safe. By applying hard science to ‘natural’ products, management believes it is possible to build a line wherein each product delivers better performance with fewer side effects than its chemical counterparts. With effective marketing, these products will be embraced by the majority, many of whom prefer ‘natural’ alternatives, provided there is no need to sacrifice performance or convenience.

Company Management

The PuraMed management team brings more than 80 years of combined industry experience, including new product development, drug formulations, marketing, sales, regulatory compliance and approval, and senior management of both public and private companies.

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Business Strategy

PuraMed® BioScience intends to execute according to the following strategy.

  1. Identify effective products with large market opportunities.
  2. Employ a unique and effective delivery system.
  3. Perform clinical trials: obtain clinical results to overcome consumer skepticism.
  4. Employ a direct response sales campaign to refine the consumer message and generate initial revenue.
  5. Achieve broad retail distribution to provide easy and widespread consumer access.
  6. Apply effective marketing to drive consumer awareness and the buying impulse.
  7. Capture “first-mover” advantage.